PackManager manages the entire contract packaging workflow, from quoting and planning to production all the way to reporting and invoicing. Select the modules that meet your contract packaging organization's needs.


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Customer Successes

  • Metro Canada Logistics

    Metro Supply Chain Group (Metro) had been using homegrown spreadsheets to manage their operations. They were dissatisfied with the inefficiency of this “system.”

    After implementing PackManager™, with on-the-floor direct data capture, Metro was able to eliminate re-keying of floor information, and as a result have found considerable time and money savings, and reduced risk of human error. Efficiency and productivity have improved as a result.

    Metro also saves valuable time and money through faster and more accurate quoting, which in turn leads to synergies and additional savings as order quantities grow.


  • Advertising Resources Inc.

    Advertising Resources Inc. (ARI) has three contract packaging sites, all of which run PackManager™, and integrate with their customers’ SAP systems.

    ARI uses EDIs to provide their customers with real-time visibility into inventory, production numbers, and forecasting. Through these integrations, ARI has eliminated double data entry and realized significant time savings, while their customers are able to more accurately plan downstream shipping.

    This integration has reinforced ARI’s relationship with their major CPG customer, resulting in increased production volumes.

  • Crescent

    Crescent has always put an increased importance on traceability. They had been generating unique and complex codes for each finished good, which considered lot code and expiry date. To achieve this, they used several spreadsheets and a large amount of labor time.

    Now using PackManager’s patent-pending Intelligent Code Generation functionality, Crescent is able to automatically generate these unique codes, and print corresponding labels, thus relieving labor time in the complicated process. Efficiency and accuracy have gone up, and the number of units per man-hour has increased by 28% year-over-year.

  • DePaul Industries

    Through real-time labor tracking and throughput costing, De Paul Contract Packaging has been able to increase production and profitability, and significantly improve their quoting process.

    Due to improved visibility and modification of production assumptions, some jobs have seen a 100% increase in productivity.

  • Before PackManager it was impossible to track what we have quoted versus what we had actually spent on a shift-by-shift basis. PackManager tells me where we're making money, and where we have quoting or production issues that need to be addressed. The real-time nature of the application means we get this information when it happens allowing us to identify and resolve issues as quickly as possible.

    Cathie Wood

    Metro Supply Chain Group

  • PackManager makes us more cost-competitive, scalable and flexible, allowing us to respond in real-time and increase our speed to market.

    Todd Swift

    Director of Packaging Solutions at Advertising Resources Inc.

  • PackManager provides real-time feedback of production results, accelerates the efficiency of our contract packaging operations, and allows us to be even more responsive and accurate, while in turn accelerating our customer's time to market. There has definitely been a positive ROI with PackManager.

    Dean Stearman

    General Manager, Food & Consumer Goods Packaging at DePaul Industries

  • PackManager is helping us to add features that were not available in our previous software, automating processes and increasing efficiency. We're using the system to streamline our processes and gain more accurate real-time operational information.

    Günther Huettlin

    President of GH Manufacturing

  • Simply stated, PackManager allows us to win more business. PackManager has become an integral part of our sales pitch in ongoing discussions with potential clients.

    John Holbrook

    President and Owner of FXDisplays

  • We were amazed at how quickly we were able to start using PackManager. Nulogy's Professional Services team is exceptional and their knowledge of our industry was impressive.

    Aerick Bacon

    General Manager at Aaron Thomas

  • We were using a conventional system not built for our type of organization. Now, we can use PackManager to maintain accurate inventory and manage production more efficiently, all in one system.

    Cameron Dube

    President of UCPack

Why should I use software to run my Copacking?

If you’re a co-packer, you know all about quoting, resource planning, production, warehouse management, quality control, invoicing, accounting, and more. You probably use software for some of your key business needs because you know it makes a difference to your operations and your bottom line. So why are you still running your shop floor production on spreadsheets and paper? Your team should be adding real value, not doing data entry.

Replace your dated spreadsheet system with user-friendly technology designed specifically for co-packers, and give your team the real-time visibility into materials, scheduling and production that they need to give you and your customers peace of mind. Now you can focus on growing your business, not putting out fires.

At Nulogy, we’ve been working with co-packers for over 10 years. We’re happy to be a part of this growing industry, and of course, to build software that helps your contract packaging company become the enterprise you want it to be.

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